Friday, March 11, 2011


I did a lot of nesting and decorating for this nursery. It gave me a new respect for all of those people who decorate their houses beautifully and all of those yummy blogs that I drool over... the decorating thing is hard. I finally decided a color scheme and got some stuff done, but the room still looks pretty bare. Oh, well! Let's celebrate what I did do:
I made a bedskirt and a crocheted blanket and a bird mobile (I've wanted to make one for a long time)! The wood for the mobile is driftwood that my husband and daughter collected from the Iowa River.
This dresser used to be green. I painted it green before I had my first daughter. By this time around, I was sick of that shade of green and decided to go with a neutral color so I wouldn't have to paint it every 4 years. Anyway, the planned painting day, we brought it downstairs and my daughter started bawling. She staged a full protest. She even made signs that said "Stop!" and taped them onto the dresser. I didn't realize that she was emotionally attached to the color of her dresser. But then I realized that she's had it all of her life and it was her favorite color, etc. Oh, my. Luckily, she is entrepenurially minded. By the evening, we'd settled on a deal. She sold it to me for $6. (in case you were wondering, we got the dresser for free from my brother back when we were in college.) I also very sneakily spray painted the knobs (which used to have ugly flowers painted on them) silver.

So, here it is in all of its not mint green glory against our boring beige walls. But what is that on the walls, you may say? A Sarah original painting? Yes. I can't decide if it's done or not. I also played with the idea of hot gluing flowers to it. Is it spooky or cute? I didn't want anything cutesy, but something that I would enjoy.
Oh, and my beloved snail pillow. Apparently, it wasn't really up to snuff, because it didn't get entered into the contest. Okay, so I can see how those experienced quilters spotted my poor craftsmanship right away. But I still love it!

(There aren't pictures of the rest of the room because it's mostly empty. A bookshelf. A rocking chair. Some white curtains.)
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