Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Recommendation- Fanny by Holly Hobbie

Fanny by Holly Hobbie

FannyOkay, if you have storybook aged kids, love to sew, or are just a little old fashioned, you will love this book! It's about a girl and her homemade doll. Fanny goes through some self-discovery while she learns to enjoy the work of her own hands. I like how she figures out that what everyone else wants doesn't necessarily need to be what she wants. It's exciting to imagine a 9 year old girl discovering this when most 30 year old girls are still struggling with it.

Fanny & AnnabelleThen, if you like it, you'll probably also love the sequel, Fanny and Annabelle. This is more of an adventure in art and honesty, but it has that same genuine, old-fashioned girl vibe.

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