Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guest Post on 320 Sycamore and Painted Glass stone magnets

I did my first guest post today at 320 Sycamore- it's a great blog, mostly about home decorating projects. My post is What I love about Iowa. It was so nice of Melissa to let me post for her! I'm especially loving the comments people leave for her about how they love Iowa and the midwest, too! Hope you enjoy it!

The Nana Visit:
So, my wonderful, amazing mother came into town and watched the kids for a couple of days while my husband and I had a little getaway in St. Louis. It was wonderful. The kids had a blast, too. My mom is an artist and a writer and a just-about-everything-elser (except a mathematician) and she kept them so busy! The did art projects and went to the store and painted pottery and made homemade erasers and got completely spoiled. Here is one of the projects that she did with them which I love. They started with the glass rocks that you can get from the Dollar Tree. She bought a little set of enamel paints. The kids painted a layer on the back of each stone and let it dry. Then they painted another layer and let that dry. Then, she painted a final solid coat on top of that. At this point I can't remember if she painted it with some sort of topcoat or not (sorry). Then, she super-glued some magnets onto the back.
We have some big magnet boards for the kids to hang their artwork on when we finally end up moving and redecorating their room. I think these will be so perfect there!

 Also, my Dear Mother stayed on for a couple days to help me tackle a couple of bigger projects. And, she picked us some beautiful wildflowers. Thanks, Mom.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post about Iowa! We drove across country 5 years ago and stayed with our friends in Keocook (I think that's spelled wrong), Iowa and then spent the day in Nauvoo. It was only about a half hour away from Nauvoo and it was such a great location. I thought it was beautiful there and really fun to visit. Thanks for the fun post!