Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Entertainment Center

This is actually a project that I finished several months ago, but I posted about it on my personal blog. I thought there might be some more people who would like to see it here.

Where to begin? Well, several months ago, I asked my high school friend, Kristin, to give me some advise on what to do with our big living room. She gave me tons of great tips and ideas! We've implemented many of them with our extremely low decorating budget, and it has really helped! Well, one of her suggestions was to get an entertainment center. So, we have diligently checked the free section of craigslist and shopped the Restore, local thrift shops, etc. Nothing was in our price range (it's just hard to find something for under $40, you know?)
Anyway, so the wonder of wonders happened and our dear friends, the Stoddards, were moving and this wasn't coming with them, so with the help of a borrowed truck, we brought it home. Problem was, the previous owners painted it this pretty black color, but it didn't really go with what we wanted for the living room (I'm sorry for those of you who are groaning because you prefer it in black). So, five coats of paint later, we have a beautiful white Entertainment center.

The hinges had been spray painted black. Then, I was goofy and got white primer all over them. So, we took them off and removed all the paint (soak in hot, soapy water FYI). Then, I sprayed them with silver spray paint and I think they look great!
This may sound goofy, but I feel really blessed that this kind of stuff falls into place. It just goes to show that if you wait long enough for it, the Lord will provide for your wants and needs.

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