Tuesday, January 11, 2011

hand painted kids ceramics

You may think that I don't exist anymore, but I do. And, whether by my choice or forced by my 4 year old, we are still doing plenty of hobbies. But, I'm 8 months pregnant and am still behind on Christmas even though it is mid-January. Here is one of the Christmas crafts that we did in December that would be good any time of year!

Buy some white ceramic mugs from the dollar tree. Buy or borrow some tubes of enamel. They're sold next to the acrylic paint in the craft store. We bought a couple of tubes only to come home and see that we had several colors already in our stash- I just didn't realize there was a difference between acrylic and enamel.
The tricky part is that you're not supposed to serve food off of the enamel, so only paint the outside. If I did it again, I think I'd also tape off a rim where your lips go. Turn the teacups or mugs upside down and let the kids have a hay day painting. Then, follow the directions on the paint container to set the paint. I think it was to let it dry for 24 hours, then you bake it in a 350 oven for 30 minutes, making sure to put the cups in before you preheat and leave them in while the oven is cooling. After it is set, I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be dishwasher safe and everything!

I think this project isn't just cool for kids, but could be really fun for adults, too. Like, you could make your sweety a personalized, hand painted mug for Valentine's day. We used ours as gifts to grandparents and all of Elisabeth's preschool teachers. They loved them!
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