Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pear salad and squash soup

I'm trying to eat more fruits and veggies with this pregnancy. Beneficial in so many ways. So, I have to give thanks to my friend, Emily, for sharing this recipe with the world. It is an Autumn pear salad and is so divine! It has really gotten me through the past 2 weeks of pregnancy. I get one of my big serving bowls and fill it up with this salad- I just can't get enough! And, if you're interested, I'm pretty sure that every other recipe on her site is really delicious, because she's got great taste.

Another favorite of mine is her Velvety Squash soup. It's the smoothness of regular squash soup, but with this spicy kick of curry. My picky loved ones don't love it, so I make a big batch, then freeze them in yogurt cups to make individual servings for myself. As soon as they're frozen, I roll them up in plastic wrap and foil. Then, when I can't eat one more bowl of macaroni and cheese, I just unwrap a single serving of yummy squash soup and nuke it. Mmmm. Really good with homemade Naan.

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